Board of Directors


Cathleen Swody – Founding Partner and Director of Assessment, Thrive Leadership 

Past Presidents

Bonnie Clark – Teacher, Hartford School System

Joan Faustman – Independent Financial Services Professional, Previously Lincoln Financial

Michael Rawlins - Principal UX Design Architect at Walt Disney Co.

Vice President

Rhonda Rawlins – Marketing Communications Professional, Previously Aetna International and Cigna


Robyn Guimont – Recording Secretary for GABC


Board Members

Brendan Flanerty – Solutions Account Executive, Dell

Cheryl Hacker - Partner Manager, AVANT Communications, Fundraising and Development Committee

Allene Madnick – Host Family Liaison for GABC

Karen Nolan - GABC Selection Committee 

Melissa Rawlins – Still Photographer – ESPN, Director of Communications 

Rhonda Ranney - GABC Selection Committee 

Lynnae Smith – Math Teacher, Glastonbury High School, GABC Selection Committee Member 

Alice Turner - GABC Selection Committee 

Chinma Uche - Adjunct Professor Quinnipiac University, Computer Science

Leslie Ohta – Former Trial Attorney at United States Department of Justice


Activity level for this committee is seasonal, mostly in January through May/June. Review candidate applications; determine whether candidate should be interviewed. Committee members participate in the interview and decision to extend offer.

College Prep/Academics

Activity level is seasonal, primarily first semester. Focus is to support students in determining college/university of interest, ensure the college applications are completed, and help guide parents through FAF process.


This committee primarily works on the annual newsletter, which is developed and mailed in the late fall. Committee is also responsible for promoting our program in local papers when necessary.


Chair person of this committee sits on the Executive Board.  Committee is responsible for tracking budget, operating expenses, financial reporting and insurance management.

Fund Raising

Committee oversees all fundraising activities, from the newsletter to the annual golf tournament. Monies raised in these endeavors go to the Glastonbury ABC operating budget.


Committee writes proposals and makes requests to grant making organizations. Funds raised in from these efforts are allocated into restricted accounts.

Host Family

This committee functions as the liaison between the host families and the ABC program. Committee is also responsible for recruitment of host families, scheduling host family weekends, and providing forum for host families to discuss variety of issues.


Maintenance of the Glastonbury ABC physical plant is the primary responsibility of this committee. Although the scholars are responsible for daily house upkeep, this committee is responsible for making necessary repairs or arranging for contractors to address house repairs.

Student Life

This committee works to provide enriching entertainment and cultural experiences for Glastonbury ABC scholars. Committee members arrange for scholars to watch plays, live performances, sporting events, local trips that are engaging, in hopes of enriching the Glastonbury ABC experience.

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